Downspout Cleanouts

The Resident Contractor will be attending to front and back yard clean outs. With freezing temperatures and frost on the roofs, the resident contractor will be attending to the work during the rain or 24 hours after the rain. As such, a specific date to notify the residents will not possible. The Resident Contractor will politely knock on the door first.

Once the clean outs have been cleaned, the roof gutters will take place next. Note that there may be some new debris on the ground but will be minimal with the rain.

Pool Heater Turned Off

Please be aware that we are experiencing issues with the pool heater and for safety reasons it has been advised that we keep the heater turned off until the heater can be fixed.
Bright Pools is trying to fit us into their schedule for next week to evaluate and fix the heater, date to confirmed.

The pool is still safe to swim in but it’ll be chilly with no heater.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience.

Additional Roofing Work

From BCRI:

Under a warranty claim by the Strata Cooperation due to the shingles being a different color on the front of 2 units (Unit 210 and Unit 211), these roofs will be replaced starting on Friday, June 2, 2017 starting at 7:30am. We are hoping that it will take 1-2 days to replace these 2 sections. We ask that you move your cars away from the building and out of the parking stalls so they are not damaged. If the crew cannot remove the old roof due to poor weather on Friday they will return on Monday or Tuesday when the weather is better.

Update: due to weather conditions the work will start on Monday, June 5th.