Bear Warning

Bear Picnicing

There have been two bear sightings in the complex in the last week. Last night a large mature black bear got into the garbage can of one unit in the 600s and made a big mess.

Given the heat at this time of year garbage can get pretty smelly and attract bears. Aside from the mess they make, it’s also not good to attract them into the complex if we can at all help it.

To avoid a repeat of the incident in the 600s, please:

  • Keep garbage well sealed either in bags inside or in a locked garbage can.
  • Ensure garbage is put out every week on garbage day.
  • Use disinfectants or other chemicals (e.g. moth balls) to hide the smell of garbage coming from your garbage can in your carport.

For more information about black bears and what to do if you encounter one, check out the “North Shore Black Bear Network” website.