Bear Information

From the North Shore Block Watch:

It seems we have many bear sightings in our neighbourhoods this summer. Everyone can do their part to reduce attractants and prevent bears from leaving their natural habitat where they live healthier and safer lives.

The North Shore black bears are around and looking for food. They are attracted into our neighbourhoods by:

  • garbage (including diapers)
  • bird seed and hummingbird food
  • composts
  • dirty barbecues
  • fruit trees (and fallen fruit)
  • pet food (that is left outside)
  • unwashed recyclables
  • refrigerators and freezers that are stored outside
  • litter

Bears have an outstanding sense of smell and they can locate these attractants from far away. They also have great memories so they can remember the location of food sources for a long time. Please help to keep bears out of your neighbourhood by removing bear attractants. One house with available attractants can keep bears coming back to an entire neighbourhood year after year.

If you have a bear in your neighbourhood, the North Vancouver RCMP suggest calling the Bear Conservation Officers at 1-800-663-9453.

The North Shore Black Bear Society has many tips to help you and your neighbours with the management of bear attractants. Please contact us at 604-990-BEAR if you have any questions.