Hydrant Flushing July 23rd

Fraser Valley Hydrant Services will be flushing and servicing the fire hydrants in the Maples next Monday, July 23rd.

  • Water pressure may be reduced and vary temporarily.
  • There may be temporary discoloration of water. Run cold water in your bath tub until it clears.
  • Avoid using your washing machine during and immediately after flushing. Washing an empty load prior to use is advisable.

Hydrants will be painted; watch for wet paint!

Please contact Alix at 604-232-2450 if you have any questions or concerns.

Note that the water pressure fluctuations may have precipitated water main leaks in the past. Following the flushing process, if you hear running water for an extended period with no valves open in your unit please contact Jeanette Frost at Dodwell.