New Skylight Installs

Many owners have expressed an interest in having new skylights installed as part of the roofing project. At the outset it was hoped that new skylights would be easier and cheaper to install while the roof was being worked on, and council pre-approved several configurations that were already common around the complex. Unfortunately in at least one of these configurations, these hoped-for advantages have not been realized.

The three 2’x4′ skylights spaced 8″ apart in the vaulted area of the living area are not going to be available as part of the re-roof project. Performing this work would require changes to the roofing structure that require permits and additional framing. Owners will still be able to install them at a future date, and we’ll work with Abney Roofing to see if we can negotiate a group rate.

A skylight over the upstairs bathroom may still be an option which will be verified as soon as we can. New sun tunnel installations are still available.