Re-roofing Starting in 200s

The re-roof project will be starting up next week (June 6th) on the 200’s. The crew will be utilizing all the visitor’s parking stalls to put the disposal bin in on next Monday. Parking will be limited due to this fact.

The crew will be starting to work on the 215 and working towards 201. There will be approximately 15 to 18 workers on site.

The crew will be using a telescopic forklift to lift all material and equipment onto the roof daily. We will be asking owners to remove their cars from the work area as the forklift is very large and requires a lot of room to maneuver. We do not want any vehicles to be damaged.

We will be asking for owners with roofs being worked on to remove any personal items from the walls that could fall and be damaged, and to remove personal items from their patios so the crew has enough room to do their work. The crew will be removing roofs to do the carpentry work and will be using heavy canvas tarps to make them watertight as a temporary protection until the shingles are applied. We are hoping that the 200’s will be complete in approximately 5 to 6 weeks or shorter in duration.