Roofing Progress Update

From BCRI:

The gutter installation has moved forward on the 100 block with 50% of the downpipes and gutters being installed. We hope to have this wrapped up early next week, weather pending. The slope crew and flat crew will be on site tomorrow, with the flat crew starting on the 100 block and the slope crew continuing on the 500 block. The soffit has been completed on the 600 block and we are just waiting for the commencement of the gutter replacement which will start once the 100 block has been completed.

Thank you for your continuing patience, and have a great weekend.

From Abney:

[Note that] Saturday weather is not going to facilitate flat reroofing without considerable risk. Light shower activity is forecasted on and off with sunny periods, 40% chance of wet ending by 1:00 pm in the afternoon. Flat roofing plans are officially cancelled for this Saturday.

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