Emergency Preparedness

Maples Emergency Preparedness

In late February 2012, the Maples had a power outage that lasted only five hours.

  • What if this went on for 50 hours not 5?
  • What if there was no water or natural gas?
  • What if you don’t have enough food or water for your family?

Seismic experts say we can expect a major destructive earthquake in British Columbia. We don’t know when this will happen. But we do live in a region where some of the largest earthquakes in the world occur. See “The Really Big One“.

You can’t prevent an earthquake. But you can:

  • be prepared to avoid injury
  • be prepared to minimize damage to your home
  • be prepared to survive afterwards for at least 72 hours without

Preparing now could save your life! An earthquake could hit B.C. at any time, so start preparing by developing your family emergency plan.

Your family should prepare and practice what to do during and after an earthquake. For more details on developing your emergency plan, see the Emergency Management BC site. Maples residents are also urged to visit the North Shore Emergency Management Office web site. The North Shore EMO puts on free emergency preparedness workshops throughout the year.

Here at the Maples, we have the advantage of being able to draw upon the rest of our small community in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. If you can help us develop a Maples emergency plan please contact your cul-de-sac council representative.

Links to external emergency preparedness sites:

Future updates to our emergency strategy will be added to this page.