The “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) and answers below include the following categories:

The BC FICOM web site has a set of FAQs for Strata Lot Owners and Residents as well.

Building & Grounds Maintenance

Q: The exterior of my unit needs repair or maintenance! Whom should I call?
A: Please contact Peterson Strata Management, describe the repair that needs to be done and ask them to arrange for the necessary work with one of their subcontractors.
Q: Who is responsible for pruning trees or gardening in my unit’s patio?
A: Each unit owner is responsible for the maintenance of their own patio area including the pruning of trees that are within this area.
Q: Who is responsible for gardening or pruning trees on the shared Strata property?
A: Peterson Strata Management has a contract with a gardening company to perform regular maintenance of the shared Strata Property. If you have a request for some specific work that needs to be done please contact Peterson Strata Management and have them pass on your request to the gardeners.

Garbarge & Recycling Pickup

Q: How does garbage/recycling pickup work in The Maples?
A: Garbage and recycling is picked up once per week at The Maples. To find out the pickup schedule visit the Calendar on this website. Please put out your garbage in plastic bags the morning of the pickup, not before, to help prevent our local wildlife from being attracted to it.
Q: Where do I put my garbage and recycling for pickup each week?
A: Within each circle at The Maples there are designated areas where garbage and recycling (each has a separate area) are to be placed for pickup. Ask your Strata Council Representative or watch for where you neighbours put their garbage and recycling.

Home Renovations

Q: For what types of home renovations do I need to get Strata Council approval before beginning the project?
A: Any renovation that affects the exterior of your unit or your patio area must be reviewed and approved by the Strata Council.
Q: How do I ask for Strata Council approval?
A: To ask the Strata Council to review and approve a renovation that you would like to make, please contact your Strata Council Representative. You may be required to submit a written request for approval including plans and other relevant information about your proposed changes.
Q: Where can I get recommendations for various types of vendors who have done work in The Maples in the past?
A: To find vendors who can help you with your renovations, check out the Links page on this website or ask your neighbours for advice.


Q: When can visitors park in The Maples?
A: There are shared visitor parking spots located throughout The Maples. These spots are situated in groups away from the carports on each unit. The intent of these visitor parking spots is to provide temporary parking for people or vendors visiting a unit in The Maples.
Q: When can an owner park in visitor’s parking?
A: Owners may park in the visitor park when their carport and parking is temporarily unavailable. However the use of visitor parking by an owner should be limited to occasional use only due to the limited visitor parking available within The Maples.

Snow Removal

Q: I need help with snow removal (shoveling and/or plowing). Whom should I contact?

Swimming Pool & Sauna

Q: When is the pool scheduled to be open for the season?
A: The pool usually opens in May and stays open through September, weather permitting. Check the calendar for specific dates.
Q: How can I get a new pool/sauna key?
A: To get a new pool/sauna key, contact your Strata Council Representative and ask for their assistance.
Q: Can I use the sauna in the winter, when the pool is closed?
A: Yes, contact your Strata Council Representative for a special key for off-season use of the sauna facilities.

Strata Council

Q: How can I participate in The Maples community, on the strata council or otherwise?
A: Contact your Strata Council Representatives and let them know that you want to get involved.
Q: I have an issue with something one of my neighbours is doing. What is the best way to address this?
A: First, if possible, approach your neighbour and have a friendly discussion with them about the issue. Most of the time, issues can easily get resolved this way as your neighbour may not know that their actions are causing someone concern. If you are not able to resolve an issue with your neighbour, contact your Strata Council Representative and ask for their assistance in resolving the issue.
Q: I have a question about my unit or about The Maples strata. Whom should I contact?
A: Contact your Strata Council Represenative and ask for their assistance in answering your question.

“The Maples” Community

Q: I am new to The Maples. How can I meet my neighbours or find other Maples residents with similar interests?
A: There are many ways to get to know your neighbours:

  • Organize a BBQ and invite your neighbors over.
  • Go to the pool and chat with other people there.
  • Volunteer to help out with one of the Strata Committees.