Yard Trimmings Collection Information


FYI, did some reserach into Yard Trimmings collection and thought it was worth sharing.

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When are Yard Trimmings picked up?

  • Yard Trimmings are collected all year in the District of North Vancouver on the same day as your regular Garbage & Recycling collection. 


What is considered Yard Trimmings? / What will be picked up?

  • Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush and branches.
  • Plants and flowers (living or dead/dried).
  • Tree / bush prunings less than 7cm diameter / no more than 90cm long.
  • Christmas trees cut to fit in container (no tinsel / decorations / stand).
  • Pumpkins after Halloween, broken into pieces.


What is not Yard Trimmings? / What will not be picked up?

  • No garbage or food waste (of any kind).
  • No rocks, dirt, sod or animal droppings.
  • No plastic, glass, cans or paper.
  • No painted or treated wood.
  • No garden hoses, flowerpots or other non-organic materials.


How should Yard Trimmings be prepared for pickup?

  • (Best Way) Regular garbage cans (77litre capacity or less) with official adhesive “Yard Trimmings” labels (labels are available free of charge at your local Engineering Department counter and at the NSRP Drop-off Depot) and with lids to keep water out in case of rain.
  • (Other Option) Tied together bundles less than 90cm in length and tied with garden string or twine (no wire, nylon rope or plastic strapping, please). 
  • (Other Option) Kraft paper yard bags that can be purchased from many local stores. 
  • (Other Option) District-supplied 140litre or 360litre / x Schaefer carts, designated as permanent yard trimmings containers with “Yard Trimmings” yard can labels. 


What are the weight limits of Yard / Trimming Cans / Bags / Bundles.

  • Cans, bundles and bags need to be 20kg or less.
  • Schaefer carts need to be 90kg or less.


Where should Yard Trimmings be placed for pickup?

  •  Cans / bags of Yard Trimmings should be placed separate from the recycling and garbage but near the garbage in your circle.