Roofing Project Changes Require SGM for Funding Approval

On advice from our project manager and contractor, the strata council has elected to install two additional layers of strapping on the roof face over the living area’s vaulted ceiling of each unit. Soffit vents and screens will also be replaced as the existing ones are blocked. This will provide an adequate amount of ventilation for this area of the roof.

The change to the roof structure has been reviewed by an independent structural engineer, who verified that the additional loading was minimal and recommended a series of structural screws be installed with the new strapping to further strengthen the roof framework. The plan has also been reviewed by two Maples residents who are professional contractors, both with roofing experience, and both approve of the plan.

While we are disappointed that this deficiency was not discovered earlier in the process, it is important to note that in either case we would have to fix the problem, and finding it earlier would not have changed our decision making process significantly. Without making excuses for our project management contractor, the section in question is not accessible from the attic so the problem was not visible prior to actually opening up the roof.

The changes will require a Special General Meeting (SGM) of all owners to approve funding via special assessment. The large contingency currently built into the project budget is not sufficient to cover such a large change.

NOTE: A breakdown of the revised cost will be included with the official SGM notice.

IMPORTANT: YOUR URGENT ATTENTION REQUIRED. A SGM usually requires a Strata to provide three weeks notice to owners. However, in order to limit the delay to the project, it is important that each owner waive the notification period requirement of three weeks in writing so that we can have the SGM early next week. If you have not done so, please email Perry, our property manager, with your approval of the notification period waiver. 100% approval of the notice waiver is required for it to be considered accepted.

We will also be canvassing owners door-to-door for waiver signatures and delivering the official notice including payment details and proxy forms. Note that in consideration of the unexpected nature of the special assessment, payment will be due in September, not immediately.

Update: Please see the document titled “2015-06 SGM Notification” located here.