Skylight Information

From our contractor, Abney Roofing:

We will be calling owners wanting a skylight or inquiring about a skylight. The plan is to first arrange appointments in the 300’s cluster as we are starting the reroof there first. Owners who have placed their contact information on the skylight registry should wait to be contacted by Abney Roofing. With the site not yet opened, we are just days away from booking the first of these appointments. No one that wants a skylight will miss out. Each owner will know the cost and will be required to sign a work-order agreement prior to skylights being installed.

The plan is never for skylights to potentially disrupt the flow of a reroof with start to finish skylight installations. The roofing crew(s) only need to know where the skylight curb or the sun-tunnel flashing is to be placed. Pre-manufactured curbs and sun-tunnel flashing are then placed and incorporated into the roof assembly, it a timely organized fashion. The roofers will incorporate the curb and / or flashing into the roof assembly and the rest is up to the carpenters and inside finishers. Once the roofers are through and have moved along, the inside work may commence by appointment only. We make arrangements with each owner separately. It should be noted that there is no need to cut holes in a ceiling and disrupt the inside living space until carpenters are ready to proceed and arrangements and schedules have been matched with the owner.

The strata council has pre-approved several types of skylight installations, based on existing installs around the complex.

  • three 2’x4′ skylights on the large sloped roof and vaulted ceiling over the living area (all units)
  • single 2’x4′ or 30″x48″ upper floor bathroom skylight on sloped roofs (B and C units)
  • up to 30″x48″ on flat roofs over upper floor bathroom (A and D units)
  • single 2’x4′ over storage area on upper floor above kitchen (A units)

Sun tunnel installs will all be reviewed by council. All installations will require signed assumption of liability forms.