Gutter Install Colour Notes and Roof Tarps

At the ends of the lifted roof face above the living area vaulted ceiling, the existing metal fascia cover will not completely cover the additional fascia area, and a new strip of metal flashing has been added. (On the majority of units, Bs and Cs, this area is only visible from the back of the unit.) Some owners have expressed concern that the colour of the new strip does not match the new gutters or old faded metal.

Please be aware that this is a known issue that will be addressed with some paint work or new fascia at a future date. The council decided that the added expense of painting the existing fascia and new strip for purely aesthetic reasons was not worth adding to the already considerable cost of the current roofing project, and a more permanent and cost-effective solution would be found when the project is completed.

Owners should also note that the tarps installed on a couple roofs on Monday are there only for easy snow removal should we get any, and are not in place to provide any additional waterproofing.