Roofing Weekly Progress

The crew has had a slow week due to the inconvenient weather.  As of the end of today, 90% of the slope work is finished on the 300 block and will need 2-3 days dry weather to complete it.  The flat roof above 303 is still to be removed and the new flat roof material to be installed.  Gutters have begun on the 400 block and 401-407 should be wrapped up early next week.
Site will be clean and tidy early next week prior to the Christmas break.  Thank you for your patience.

roof-progress-2015-12-18-image1 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image2 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image3 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image4 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image5 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image6 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image7 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image8 roof-progress-2015-12-18-image9